New web app to support access management for audio files


With the addition of audio streaming functionality to the Portal (), we'll need a responsive way to manage the public accessibility of the audio files.

I propose that a new web app be created to handle this task. I would be similar to the object info web app, but there are enough critical differences that make me think it should be its own web app, rather than a new field set in OIR.

The user will need to be able to search by cultural group (ideally hierarchically, but a flat search would be sufficient). The user should also be able to search for ranges of Museum numbers. When the user is searching by cultural group only, only catalog 14- and catalog 24- records should be shown (the two audio recording catalogs).

While the search would be for object records, what is displayed and edited will be the related media records associated with audio file mime types. So for instance, if a user searches for 14-1000 through 14-1010, and those 11 records are associated with 18 audio file media records, then 18 results rows should be shown.

The editable metadata to be displayed should include:

  • "Approved for public?" (Media handling)

  • Notes (Media handling)

  • Rights holder (Media handling)

  • Copyright statement (Media handling)

The non-editable metadata to be displayed is TBD, but will be nothing beyond what is already handled in other webapps, probably:

  • Museum number

  • Object name

  • Description

  • Cultural group

  • Field collection place

There should be a toggle button that sets all "Approved for public?" values to true (or false), and then the user will manually set any outliers.

As the user will be editing smallish groups of records (usually less than 50, I believe), we could aim for a layout that is not unlike Blacklight's "List" layout, with the non-editable object fields in one column on the left side, and editable media fields in columns to the right of that.




John Brandon Lowe MLIS PhD


Michael T. Black




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