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  • Go to the task list for the upcoming release. (link in announcement email)
  • Enter your name into the spreadsheet next to one or more tests.
  • Follow the test plan for that task via the QA server. (link on task list)
    • Following a test plan is like following a recipe, just complete each task as specified.
  • If you do not already have a JIRA account, sign up for one via  
  • If you encounter a bug, search JIRA to see if it already exists; if not, file a new JIRA issue. Not sure? Email the talk list.
  • Make sure you're testing in a supported environment - the most recent version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge. IE will not work. 


  • The test plan represents the minimum requirement for acceptance - any experiments that extend the parameters of the test are very welcome.
  • Does everything (visually) look right? If not, consider this a bug if it interferes with your work, or file an improvement request if not.
  • Is there anything that would enhance the user experience? If yes, consider this an improvement request.
  • Is there anything that should be tested, but which is not? If yes, file a bug for this and assign to the program manager.
  • Have you noticed an inconsistency / error in the test plan? Send a note to the talk list and it will be confirmed and corrected.

List of Testing Tasks