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Release 4.4

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CollectionSpace v4.4 Development Dates

Design and development: 8 February - 30 June 2016 (Sprint Dates)
Code freeze: 1 July 2016
QA: 4 July - 21 July 2016
Release: 25 July 2016


Configuring CollectionSpace

For instructions on installing and configuring CollectionSpace, following this link: CollectionSpace Release Documentation


Areas of work included with CollectionSpace Release 4.4 are listed below.

  • Continued work on the community of practice profiles, including:
  • Design and development of a shared authority service CSPACE-6905 - Authenticate to see issue details
  • Additional refactoring and acceptance of a Django-based community-contributed framework for web applications, that uses CollectionSpace data and APIs.  CSPACE-6758 - Authenticate to see issue details
  • Expanding the number of automated tests for quality assurance.  CSPACE-6754 - Authenticate to see issue details
  • Updates to the reporting software and documentation. 
    • Continued improvement of end-user documentation pertaining to reporting.
    • A number of new "canned" reports available for use in all CSpace deployments: Currently Available Reports
  • Other bug fixes as prioritized by the CollectionSpace community.