User Manual: CSV Importer: Using the Tool

The CollectionSpace CSV Importer is a web-based application (webapp) that allows you to batch import data into your CollectionSpace instance from a CSV file. You can use the webapp to add new records and relationships to your CollectionSpace instance or edit/update existing ones. To get started, you will need a webapp account and a properly formatted CSV file.

Sign Up & Log In

Instructions for creating an account and logging in to the the CSV Importer web application. This account is separate from your CollectionSpace account.

Create a Connection

Instructions for creating a connection between the CSV Importer and your CollectionSpace instance.

Import a CSV File

Instructions for using the CSV Importer to import a CSV file into CollectionSpace to create/update records and relationships.

Create or Manage a Group

Instructions for creating and managing Groups in the CSV Importer. For administrators and managers only.