User Manual: CSV Importer: Data Prep Special Topics and Tips

Importing media files with Media Handling procedure records

The CSV templates for media records include a “mediaFileURI” column on the far right.

Enter the URI of the media file you wish to ingest on the given media record in that column.

The media files will be ingested in the following cases:

  • the record is being newly created in CollectionSpace

  • the record exists in CollectionSpace but does not already have a media file associated with it

If a record exists in CollectionSpace and already has a media file associated with it, any data from other columns will be updated in that record, but the Importer will ignore the “mediaFileURI” in that row.

Due to limitations of the Services API, you cannot currently batch-add multiple or additional media files to a Media Handling procedure. Ingesting a second media file on an existing record via the API will cause the link to the first media file to be removed.

If you are using the CSV Importer at, in order for the Services API to ingest the file, the URI must be publicly accessible on the Web and cannot require any authentication credentials.

You can achieve this by moving your files to a Google Drive folder, Dropbox folder, AWS S3 Bucket, etc., and making the permissions of that folder/bucket (and all files in it) public (or “available if you have the URL”, if that is an option) for the duration of the ingest.

If you are using a locally-provided instance of the CSV Importer, you may be able to provide URIs using the file:// protocol to ingest locally-available files. Consult with the person who administers your CollectionSpace and CSV Importer for details.

Preparing a batch of records to delete

For the most efficient processing, include only the field containing the unique identifier of the records to be deleted. For example: “objectNumber” for collectionobjects, or “termDisplayName” for authority records.

Deleting will work with a CSV that includes more data, but the Processing step will take longer.