User Manual: CollectionSpace CSV Importer: Sample Data

This spreadsheet can be used to test the CollectionSpace CSV Importer:


To use the spreadsheet:

  1. Download to your local storage or cloud

  2. In each sheet in the document, wherever the ID number column reads in RED and BOLD “Your Initials”, replace with your initials so that the system won’t see a duplicate ID number. Only change the numbers in bold red; the other numbers in the spreadsheet are copied from those columns. For example:

    1. Cataloging: MF_SampleObject_001

    2. Media Handling: MF_SampleMH_001

  3. In each sheet in the document, go to File > Save As and save the sheet as a CSV. Give the CSV the same name as the open sheet in the workbook.

  4. Upload the sheets into the CollectionSpace CSV Importer, in the order they appear in the workbook and with the noted Mappers. If you do not have an account on the CSV Importer, follow the instructions in the user manual.

    1. CollectionObject, use Mapper collectionobject

    2. Media Handling, use Mapper media

    3. Object Media Relationships, use Mapper nonhierarchicalrelationship

    4. Storage Location Authority, use Mapper location-local

    5. Storage Location Hierarchy, use Mapper authorityhierarchy

    6. LMI, use Mapper movement

    7. Object LMI Relationships, use Mapper nonhierarchicalrelationship