User Manual: Advanced Search (<v6)

To navigate to Advanced Search, click on the Search button in the top navigation menu

From the Advanced Search screen, you may:

  • Perform a standard record type keyword search
  • Search individual fields within a particular record type
  • To begin, select a record type from the drop down menu at the top of the screen

  • Fill out or select options in each of your desired search fields
  • Choose the Boolean operator “any (OR)” or “all (AND)” 
    • OR will return results that contain the search value you entered in at least one of the fields which you filled out
    • AND will return results that contain all of the search values in every field that you filled out

  • Search results will appear below on a new page
  • Click on any reference number to navigate to the edit view for that record
  • Use the numbers below the results to view additional results pages
  • You may adjust the number of results per page via the dropdown at the bottom left of the page
  • Fields returned by the search may be configured by your organization
  • Select the field header (e.g. Acquisition source) to sort search results by that field