User Manual: Data Entry Screens

The edit screen contains the complete data entry form for a particular record type – in the examples below, a Loan Out record. Edit screens are accessible via mouse or keyboard, and contain a combination of plain alphanumeric fields and the special fields outlined in this section of the manual. All edit screens behave the same - Object/Cataloging, Procedures (Loans, Acquisitions), and Authorities (Persons, Places).

  • To edit a record, click on or tab to any field in the edit screen, and add a new value
  • Some fields, such as those marked with a calendar icon or downward-facing arrow, lead to specific interactions. Be sure to read the special fields section of the manual for more information
  • Before moving to a new tab or to another section of the application, be sure to save your work. Save buttons are located at the top and bottom right of every edit screen

You may Revert changes while editing a record, which will revert the record to its last saved version

  • If you attempt to leave a record without saving, a Leave Record? confirmation dialogue will appear
  • Selecting Don’t leave will return you to the edit screen with your unsaved changes intact
  • Selecting Save and continue will save the record and complete the navigation request
  • Selecting Revert and continue will discard your changes and complete the navigation request
  • Reminder – don’t use your browser buttons while using CollectionSpace! Confirmation dialogues will not appear if you use your browser buttons; which may lead to loss of data.

  • You may Delete a record, which will remove the record as well as its relationships
  • After Delete, you will be redirected to the Search screen

  • You may not Delete an Authority Term record that is in use. All references to the term must be removed first.