User Manual: Cloning Records

  • To create a record that contains the same data an an existing record, select the Clone button at the top of the record.
  • A new record appear with all data fields copied over
  • Required fields are not copied (e.g. ID numbers)
  • Relationships are not copied (e.g. to a Media record)

To create a record that shares a relationship to a single Procedural record, clone from the Secondary tab. In the video example at right:

  • Object/Cataloging Record 2004.001.0001 is related to Acquisition 2004.001
  • User would like to create a Clone of 2004.001.0001 that is also related to Acquisition 2004.001
  • User opens Acquisition 2004.001
  • User goes to Object Secondary Tab
  • User opens 2004.001.0001
  • User hits Clone button
  • User enters 2004.001.0002 into Identification number field
  • User saves record
  • Result: New Object/Cataloging record has been Cloned with relationship to Acquisition 2004.001