User Manual: Relationships: Tabs

The CollectionSpace information architecture supports easy access to records related to the record a user is working with via a tab structure. When a user enters a record of any kind, s/he will have access to a Primary Tab and a series of Secondary Tabs. From the Secondary Tabs, the user may see and edit related record information. 

  • The main record a user is working on is labeled the Primary Record
  • The right sidebar includes only information relevant to the Primary Record

To view, edit, or create a new Related record of any type, choose that record type from the + Related menu next to the Primary Record tab

From the Secondary Tab, a user may:

  • View a list of all Related records of a specific type
  • View or edit the data for all Related records

  • Remove the relationship between two records
    • To remove the relationship among multiple records, select the desired related record checkboxes in the related record list, and then select the Unrelate button above the list.

  • Add a relationship to an existing record
  • Create a new related record