User Manual: Creating Authority Term Records

Authority term records may be created in two ways: in-stream while editing an Object or Procedural record, or via the Create New screen.

  • To create a new authority term "in stream," visit a field that populates from that authority, i.e. Object Production Person for the Person Authority
  • Enter a term into the field
  • A predictive search interface will show any matching terms

  • Hover over a term to see additional information to avoid adding duplicate terms

  • To add the new term, select the Vocabulary to add the term to (Local Persons in this example)
  • The added term will appear in the field and after save, in the Terms Used section of the right sidebar

  • To create a new authority term via the Create New page, click on Create New in the top menu bar
  • Select the Vocabulary you would like to add the new term to, e.g. Local Persons, Material Concepts, etc.

  • You will be taken to a blank data entry form for that Vocabulary
  • Fill in all required fields and Save
  • After Save, the term will be available for use in all fields populated by that authority