Object Condition Checking and Technical Assessment Requirements


The management and documentation of information about the make-up and condition of an object, and recommendations for its use, treatment and surrounding environment.


  • Ensure that the documentation of condition checks is completed by trained persons;
  • Ensure that all condition check documentation is up-to-date;
  • Ensure all information is documented and is accessible via the object number;
  • Ensure that individual and collective responsibilities within the organisation for condition checking are clearly defined and identified;
  • Ensure that the date, name of the condition checker and the reason for checking is recorded;
  • Ensure condition checking is carried out whenever a change to the object, its use or surrounding environment occurs;
  • Enable the condition of an object to be monitored over time;
  • Ensure that a set procedure is followed when object condition 'danger signals' are observed;
  • Ensure a condition check happens as part of the following procedures: Object entry, Loans in, Acquisition, Conservation and collections care, Use of collections and Deaccession and disposal.

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Spectrum Procedure: Object Condition Checking and Technical Assessment


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Spectrum Version 3.1
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