Internationalization Requirements


Multi-language support in CollectionSpace. 


  • The concept of a default language is supported. 
  • Institution may choose a default language on install.
  • Institution may alternate among languages for public presentation

Standards, Guidelines + Use Cases

Use Cases

Continuous Localization

Future plans for CollectionSpace include implementation of a "continuous localization" service. With continuous localization, a source file with translatable strings is sent to a continuous localization platform via API. Via the platform, translators may view the work of others, add new translations, or suggest edits to existing translations. Once complete, the translations are theyn pushed to the code repository where they can be deployed. The CollectionSpace project team is evaluating platforms such as Transifex and Zanata for this type of work; any assistance from the community would be greatly appreciated! In the meantime, instructions for a more brute-force method for translating the user interface can be found on the project's documentation wiki.