From the 2018 Grant to The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation:

CollectionSpace’s ability to integrate with other systems is a key strength and differentiator. Integrations enable data within the CMS to serve multiple purposes in a museum, including a variety of workflows (such as exhibit planning, loan management, conservation, etc.) and patron engagement programs (such as online exhibits, scholarly research, and publications). On a basic level, being able to easily export data from CollectionSpace and repurpose it in another system, such as a digital asset management system, eliminates duplication of effort, ensures data consistency, and engages a variety of staff with the CMS in support of their work. At a deeper level, integrations provide for seamless engagement between systems and can advance a museum’s mission to expand access to collections, preserve materials, and foster research into and use of museum resources. A market study commissioned by LYRASIS highlighted the high interest from museums in integrations between the CMS and web content services as well as digital asset management systems.

Integration generally falls under a few core categories; where possible we will generalize our integration solutions in order to serve as many specific products within a category as possible. For example, if contributing to the DPLA is selected to move forward, can we leverage the work to also prototype contributing to the American Art Collaborative, Google Art Project, or ArtStor? Other integration categories include ticketing and event software; digital preservation systems; discovery layers; and sister projects at LYRASIS.

Integrations - Design and Development


Data Standards - IIIF, OAI, etc.