CollectionSpace Profile Stewards

What is a CollectionSpace Community Profile Steward?

CollectionSpace Community Profile Stewards (CPSs) assume responsibility for updating, growing, approving, and implementing changes to specific CollectionSpace profiles. Profile stewards build community within the domain around their profile, lead outreach efforts to potential adopters and provide profile-based support for implementers (e.g. training). 

CPSs have representatives on the CSpace advisory committee; serve as the product manager for the profile; share skills and resources with the program team; and manage outreach and community engagement for the profile.

In return, CPSs benefit from LYRASIS' commitment to support, maintain, and develop CollectionSpace as a high-quality software tool that evolves with current and emerging collections management requirements; collaborate to develop and share a comprehensive product roadmap that evolves with collection management needs, and fosters and enables best practices, integrations, and connecting collections to staff and patrons; and provide a strong fiscal and administrative infrastructure for CollectionSpace including strategic leadership, program management, human resources, accounting, governance, marketing, and communications. 

Who are the current CollectionSpace Community Profile Stewards?

The Material Order consortium stewards the Design Materials Profile

Visit the Design Materials demo siteLINK
View the Design Materials profile overview and data dictionaries (downloadable Excel files)LINK
View or contribute to Design Materials documentation developed and maintained by the Material Order consortiumLINK
View webinar recording of Community Collections Spotlight: Exploring CollectionSpace Collaborations – Material Order ConsortiumLINK
Visit the Material Order Communications Site/wiki/spaces/CPS/pages/2649489425

The Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF) stewards the Public Art Profile

Learn more about the Public Art Profile of CollectionSpace, hosted and maintained by the Western States Arts FederationLINK
Visit the Public Art demo site (login:, password: Administrator)LINK