Contribute to this Documentation

Contribute to this Documentation

This CollectionSpace documentation is collaboratively written and edited by people on the project team and by the members of its worldwide community.

Notice something missing? Or find something that could be improved? Please contribute! We invite your participation!

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Create a documentation issue

Spot a document that needs to be created or edited, but don't have the time or background to contribute that yourself? Please /wiki/spaces/collectionspace/pages/666274563 requesting it.

Edit existing documentation

See something that needs to be added or corrected in an existing document? Feel free to edit it directly.

Set up a /wiki/spaces/collectionspace/pages/666272485 (if you don't already have one, that is). Then log in and click the Edit button on the relevant page.

If you'd like to talk to someone first about your planned edits, feel free to /wiki/spaces/collectionspace/pages/666275685 or /wiki/spaces/collectionspace/pages/666276158.

Create new documentation

Identify a document that should be here, but isn't? You can either create a rough draft or outline and ask others to complete it, or write the document yourself.

First, search this wiki to make sure the document doesn't already exist. You might also check this list of existing documentation "gaps" - documents that are needed but missing - to see if others have also identified the same need, or something very similar to it. And you can also search existing issues to see if a need for this document has already been identified. (To narrow this search, add your own keywords.)

After that, set up a /wiki/spaces/collectionspace/pages/666272485 (if you don't already have one, that is). Then log in and click the Create button, and choose the Blank Page option.

We encourage you to talk to someone first about your planned contributions, as you might be able to find both ideas and collaborators. Feel free to /wiki/spaces/collectionspace/pages/666275685 or /wiki/spaces/collectionspace/pages/666276158.