Getting Started as a CollectionSpace Service Provider

This section of the wiki is meant to act as a resource for all CollectionSpace service providers. Each page is designed to assist providers in defining, marketing, and performing their various services.

Two of the pages, “A Quick Introduction to Collections Management” and “Collections Management Resources,” are designed to provide background information about collections management as a museum discipline, as well as examples of collections management policies and other resources.

Another two pages are dedicated to helping service providers define both the advantages of CollectionSpace and the uniqueness of their services. “Other Collections Management Systems” outlines competing software currently in the field, in the hopes that it will help service providers differentiate CollectionSpace from its competitors, as well as understand the past system requirements of new clients. “CollectionSpace Service Categories” is meant to assist service providers in defining their offerings.

We have created several pages designed to assist service providers with marketing and outreach initiatives. The “Membership” page contains various arguments for why CSpace users should become members of the larger community. “Presentations” contains various presentations about CSpace, as well as a generic presentation script that can be tailored to each service provider. “Outreach Opportunities” contains a list of major annual American and Canadian conferences geared towards the museum community.

Finally, we have included two pages dedicated to technical/administrative support. The “FAQs” page will continue to be updated as new questions arise. “Technical Resources – Overview” contains links to various technical guidelines and instructions located elsewhere on the CSpace Wiki.

We will continue to look for new ways to help our service providers. If you have any new ideas or suggestions for improvement, please do not hesitate to let us know!