This is the CollectionSpace deployment project page for the University and Jepson Herbaria (UCJEPS) at UC Berkeley.

Project Description

The University and Jepson Herbaria at UC Berkeley is working with IST-Data Services and the CollectionSpace project team to deploy CollectionSpace as the collection management system for the Herbaria.  Information about the project will be managed on this wiki.

Functional requirements for deployment

Additional notes about functionality and data analyses:

Post-deployment functionality meeting notes:

Data mapping and mockups

Tasks and issues can be reviewed via the Jira filters available on  the UC Berkeley Deployment Planning page.

UCJEPS-CollectionSpace 2.3 SMaSCH migration

This iteration will focus on

  • Extensions to support data migration from SMaSCH
  • Data migration from SMaSCH
  • Switchover to use CollectionSpace as the production system

Data mapping and ETL for this version: UCJEPS-CollectionSpace data mapping, v2.3

UCJEPS-CSpace 2.3 schema change

Wireframes for Cataloging changes in 2.3

Wireframes for Loans Out changes in 2.3

Wireframes for Loans In (Borrows) in 2.3

Wireframes for Taxonomy in 2.3

Jira tasks for this iteration: Jira

UCJEPS-CollectionSpace 2.0 iteration

This iteration focused on

  • demonstrating an upgrade of the Seaweed system (based on 1.8) to CollectionSpace v2.0
  • finishing some work on the Cataloging screen (e.g., adding associated taxa)
  • developing a batch process job to be written that copies Media Handling records to Cataloging records
  • reviewing work to date at IMLS workshop on February 17, 2012

Wireframes: For the Cataloging screen changes, initially see the v1.7 mockups.

Data mapping and ETL for 2.0: UCJEPS-CollectionSpace data mapping, v2.0

Darwin Core (Simple DwC) mapping

For other fixes and upgrades see ?/wiki/spaces/collectionspace/pages/666273915 and ?/wiki/spaces/collectionspace/pages/666273456

UCJEPS-CollectionSpace 1.8 iteration (Seaweed)

UCJEPS-CollectionSpace 1.7 iteration (SPNHC/Seaweed)

Data mapping and mockups based on CollectionSpace 1.0 and earlier

Project Documents and Collaboration

Charter, project plan, and timeline forthcoming.

Meetings and Notes

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