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CollectionSpace is a dynamic community of professionals working in the arts, humanities, social, and natural sciences. We collaborate to design, develop, and share a community-supported platform for collections information management that: supports traditional collections management activities; enables the integration of emergent and dynamic new technologies into the information ecologies of museums; and is an effective and affordable alternative to one-off applications developed in-house and proprietary offerings. CollectionSpace is freely distributed under the ECLv2 license.

What are you looking for?

  • For the active workspace of the CollectionSpace program team, including functionality requirements, technical architecture discussions, and quality assurance tests - you’re in the right place!
  • For general information about CollectionSpace, its features and functionality, and to see a list of current users, please visit
  • For documentation for developers (how to install and configure CSpace), please visit the Documentation space.
  • For our bug tracker and agile release board, please visit our Jira.
  • Not sure? Drop us a line: 

Useful links

User ManualManual for end (staff) users of CollectionSpace.
User Manual - CSV ImporterManual for the CSV Import tool for CollectionSpace

CollectionSpace Documentation

Documentation for installing and configuring CollectionSpace.

Data DictionariesView data dictionaries / data maps for all currently available procedures and profiles.
Quality assurance homeLearn more about QA and view a list of all QA tests.

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