Using CollectionSpace

Using CollectionSpace

CollectionSpace was designed from the ground-up to be a user-friendly system that accommodates your workflow and collections. The following resources will help get you started with CollectionSpace, explore the full range of its functionality, and plan for your own implementation. Have a question? Email for access to the CollectionSpace program staff and a vibrant community of users.


The CollectionSpace New Implementer Jump Start includes everything you need to get your implementation project off the ground. Sample project plans help you kick things off, and configuration and data maps provide a simple way to map your data to the CSpace data model.

The User Manual is an in-depth look at all the features and functionality CollectionSpace offers. Some of the more complex interactions in the manual are illustrated with screencasts.

Rather learn by doing? Try playing around on the demo site, a fully-functional version of CollectionSpace. Follow along with the scripts and screencasts on our Getting Started with the CSpace Demo page, or jump right in with your own workflows.