User Manual: Search: Export Search Results

The Export Search results feature allows users to export search results as CSV data (which can be opened/saved in Excel, OpenOffice, Google Sheets, etc.).

Data from any field in the procedure can be exported, not just those fields shown in the search results.

Only data from the procedure being searched can be included in the export, i.e. data unique to a Person record can’t be included in an Object export.

To export search results, start with a set of search results.


  • Select any number of items in the results lists. The items can be from any page in the results list.

  • Click on the Export button.


  • In the pop-up, use the dropdown to add fields to include in your CSV export.

  • You can type in the name of the field or scroll through the dropdown.

  • Use the + sign at the bottom of the dropdown to add another field.

  • The fields will be exported in the order they are arranged in the pop-up; use the numbers on the left of the fields to rearrange.


  • Click on export. You will be prompted to save the file.

  • CSV files can be opened and saved in Microsoft Excel, Open Office Calc, Google Sheets, and other spreadsheet applications.



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