User Manual: Data Updates: Merge Authority Items

The Merge Authority Items Data Update merges two authority terms together, a SOURCE and a TARGET. All references to the SOURCE term are transferred to the TARGET term.

All metadata in the TARGET record is preserved.

Term-related metadata (e.g. Term Type or Term Status) from the SOURCE record is preserved, and added to the TARGET record as a non-preferred term. No other metadata from the SOURCE record is kept.

Before merging two terms, we recommend that you open both terms in separate browser tabs or windows, and ensure that the TARGET record contains all the data you need.

To merge two Authority items, go to:

Tools > Data Updates > Merge Authority Items



  • Click on the Run button


  • Click on Select, and use the search interface to find your SOURCE term


  • Choose the Authority and Vocabulary (e.g. Concept: Nomenclature or Person: Local) that you’d like to search, and fill out the Advanced Search form.

  • NB: If you are merging two Storage Location terms, the data update will fail if the Source term is used in any Location/Movement/Inventory records that are locked.


  • Once you have selected a SOURCE record, use the predictive search interface to select your TARGET


  • Click the Run button again

  • You will receive a confirmation message that your SOURCE term was merged into your TARGET term


  • Your SOURCE term now appears as a non-preferred term in your TARGET term record.



The Merge Authority Terms Data updated merges two authority terms together.