Introduction to BPOC

The Balboa Park Online Collaborative (BPOC) addresses common technological problems faced by museums and performing arts organizations in Balboa Park while improving public access to their rich cultural resources. By emphasizing cooperation among 27 organizations, BPOC improves technical capacity in the park while encouraging cross-institution collaboration—preparing its members to meet the needs and expectations of the 21st century audience.

BPOC + CollectionSpace

In 2012, the CollectionSpace team will set-up, test and evaluate CollectionSpace as a Service in two trial test-bed environments. The first trial will take place within the University of California, Berkeley. The second trial will take place outside of the higher education environment and will serve as a test of service provision a future CollectionSpace organization will broker or provide to its subscribing organizations.

Two Balboa Park institutions, the Museum of Man and the Timken Museum of Art, have graciously contributed data and data maps to the CollectionSpace project for use in the CSaaS trial environment. Once the museums' data has been added to the trial environment, staff at these institutions will complete a series of test plans designed to assess functionality, performance, and access restrictions. This initial test-bed environment will allow the project team to evaluate the multi-tenant capabilities of the platform, identify functional and technological gaps, and inform the design and development of additional capabilities that will provide support for larger numbers of collections to be brought online in a true SaaS environment (e.g., 25-50 collections on a single platform).

Museum of Man Data Dictionary and Maps

Data Dictionary
Data Map
Reverse Data Map

Timken Museum of Art Data Dictionary and Maps

Timken implementation to include all standard procedures & authorities. The only procedure requiring configuration is Cataloging, the reverse data map is below. All other procedures and authorities may be implemented with the default config.

Timken Data Map - Cataloging.xlsx