Release 6.1

The version 6.1 release includes the ability to export search results into a CSV file and bug fixes.

Release date and schedule

CollectionSpace version 6.1 was released in October 2020.

May 2020: Development Begins
August 2020: Development Ends
September 2020: QA Testing Begins
October 2020: QA Testing Ends
October 2020: Release

Release notes

Release 6.1 does not contain any breaking changes.

New functionality

  •  Search results can be exported to CSV. 

Schema changes

  • On the Object record, a new field called Name Collections has been added.

  • In the Fine and Contemporary Art profile, the Annotation extension has been added to the Object Cataloging procedure.
  • In the Anthropology profile, the Reporting field group has been added to the Repatriation and NAGPRA Compliance Information section of the Object record. 

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a timeout error when reindexing Elasticsearch. 
  • Users with None-level access to the Users service are now able to log in. 
  • Fixed an error when saving records after Create New in a secondary tab. 
  • Fixed some term lists not being loaded in the Fine and Contemporary Art profile. 
  • The Merge Authority Items batch job no longer allows merging a term into a different authority. This now results in an error. 
  • The Merge Authority Items batch job can now merge Taxonomic Name records in the  Anthropology, Botanical Garden, and Herbarium profiles. 

Upgrading to v6.1

Instructions for upgrading to v6.1 can be found on our Documentation wiki.