Release 5.0

Installing and Using CollectionSpace

For documentation on installing and using CollectionSpace, follow this link: Installing CollectionSpace.


CollectionSpace v5.0 introduces a new underlying UI framework used for the development of the CollectionSpace user interface.  The new framework is based on the React.js JavaScript library for building user interfaces.  We hope that basing our UI on the React.js library will allow for faster, simpler development and customization of CollectionSpace's user interface.

Release Notes

The UI-related customizations made for previous CollectionSpace versions will need to be migrated to the new React.js-based UI supplied with CollectionSpace v5.0.  We're working on documentation to help you upgrade from previous version of CollectionSpace.  Please revisit this page to see updates on the documentation.  Also, feel free to send email to to get help from the CollectionSpace community.