CSV Import Tool


Provide CollectionSpace administrators, data migration specialists, and advanced users a means of importing and updating CollectionSpace records using CSV files.


  • Develop, test, and document CSpace configuration untangler

  • Develop, test, and document CSpace mapper

  • Finalize functional requirements for CSV Import Tool

  • Design, develop, test, and document CSV Import Tool UI

  • Connect CSpace Mapper to CSV Import Tool UI


  • Focus for v1 release of the new tool will be:

    • Connection with new CSpace Mapper backend

    • Import functionality “parity” with existing LYRASIS-developed tool + features required by the Mapper

    • New functionality around users, noted in the below list in the Admin context

  • User Story Candidates can be found on the page at this link.

    • Preferences for both contributing organizations are captured in 2 columns in the user story candidate list, where 1 or v1 means “high priority”, and 3 means “low priority”

    • NB: UCB and LYRASIS / the wider CollectionSpace community will share most but not all feature requirements


User interaction and design

Open Questions





How will uploaded data merge with or replace existing data, esp. for repeatable fields? (e.g. duplicates? will new values always replace existing values, or will they in some case supplement them?)


Will there be “undo” and if so how will it work?


How will long-running batches be handled? Esp. the case of a long-running batch that fails in the middle?


Will there be a limit on the number of records in a batch? The duration of a batch job? A way to cancel?


From user story: User can opt to proceed with mapping data that receives a warning.

Need to discuss - See use cases in row 13 of Basic Course of Events table

Out of Scope

  • Creation of stub vocabulary/authority records with option to transfer them to CollectionSpace, when non-established terms are used in Object or Procedure records. (This might be revisited in a later release)