Citation Authority Requirements


Citations to sources of textual information related to the work of art or architecture being described, including published bibliographic materials, Web sites, archival documents, unpublished manuscripts, and references to verbal opinions expressed by scholars or subject experts. Also includes subcategories for a citations authority.

Citations establish the credibility of the information; in the outline of CDWA, it is possible to link citations to any and all subcategories, if desired. The subcategories in this category may form an authority to which all other relevant citation references are linked. While these subcategories are optional, it is nonetheless highly recommended to record the sources used for information in the Object/Work Record, either as a general reference here or with the specific relevant CITATIONS subcategory throughout the record.

In addition to providing warrant for information in the record, the general citations may even include all the major sources in which the work was discussed or illustrated, whether or not the sources were used for the Object/Work record.


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Categories for the Description of Works of Art
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