Name Authority Requirements


The documentation and management of information about persons, corporate bodies, cultures, etc. related to the collection being described.


  • Allow users to compile authorized terms or headings used by a single organization or consortium in cataloging, indexing, or documentation (CDWA)
  • Establish the preferred name for a person, corporate body, culture, etc.
  • Allow for the management of synonyms and related terms, including non-hierarchical "associative relationships" among authorities
  • Allow users to create hierarchies within authority records
  • Enable term control in intake records, object records, and other authorities
  • The authority should be compliant with ISO and NISO standards for thesauri (CDWA)

Standards, Guidelines + Use Cases


Information about artists, architects, and other individuals and corporate bodies responsible for the design and production of works of art and architecture. This authority may also contain information about patrons, repositories, and other people or corporate bodies important to the record for the work.


E39 Actor: This class comprises people, either individually or in groups, who have the potential to perform intentional actions for which they can be held responsible.

E21 Person: This class comprises real persons who live or are assumed to have lived. Legendary figures that may have existed, such as Ulysses and King Arthur, fall into this class if the documentation refers to them as historical figures.

E74 Group: This class comprises any gatherings or organizations of two or more people that act collectively or in a similar way due to any form of unifying relationship.

E40 Legal Body: This class comprises institutions or groups of people that have obtained a legal recognition as a group and can act collectively as agents.


Archival authority records may be used:

  • to describe a corporate body, person, or family as units within an archival descriptive system; and/or
  • to control the creation and use of access points in archival descriptions;
  • to document relationships between different records creators and between those entities

Spectrum Information Requirements: Person, People, Organization, Address

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