Held In Trust Requirements


The management and documentation of dispositioned/repatriated items or human remains belonging to an ancestor that will continue to be housed in a museum until the Depositor is ready to accept said physical custody, with readiness to be determined by the Depositor, not the holding organization.


  • Ensure that the holding Museum is housing and storing the Repatriated Objects according to requested tribal preferences

  • Ensure that title to the Repatriated Objects remains with the Depositor

  • Provide a method for Depositor to indicate how access to Repatriated Objects may be granted

  • Provide a method for documenting all correspondence between the Museum and Depositor(s)

  • Provide a method for documenting approvals for the Held in Trust agreements on the part of both the Museum and the Depositor(s)

Standards, Guidelines + Use Cases

National Park Service NAGPRA website

Bernstein & Associated Care and Trust Agreement Template

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