Rights Management Requirements


The management and documentation of the rights associated with the objects and information for which
the organization is responsible for, in order to benefit the organization and to respect the rights of others.


  • Ensure that the organization has taken account of relevant rights legislation, and monitors
  • Ensure that fully documented research into all associated rights is carried out as soon as new
    material is acquired;
  • Record, and monitor changes, full details of all associated rights;
  • Ensure that any contract negotiations, for the use of intellectual property rights (IPR) assets,
    is carried out, taking into account the issues of: legal entity, legal restrictions, funders' requirements and the tax situation;
  • Ensure that the rights of others are respected by the organization and any other third party
  • Ensure that the rights of the organization are respected by others;
  • Ensure that there is an awareness of material sensitive to publication right (and other rights),
    and that any publication rights remain the property of the organization and are not accidentally lost;
  • Ensure that when the organization creates new material it records the associated rights;
  • Ensure that when the organization commissions works, all IPRs are assigned to the organization.

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