Domain Extension Sets and Community of Practice Profiles


The early adopters of CollectionSpace represent a range of different museum communities of practice. In order to facilitate adoption that takes advantage of this initial work on configuration, schema extensions, and in some cases customization, we have developed a set of recommended domain extensions and profiles. domain extension is a group of fields added to a procedure or authority to support the work of a specific community of practice, such as fine art or anthropology. Extensions to more than one procedure or authority are referred to collectively as extension setsA group of procedures, authorities, and domain extensions combined to support the work of a specific community of practice are referred to as that community's profile. Often, procedures and authorities within the profile may be configured, or slightly changed, to better support the needs of that community of practice.

Some extension sets and profiles, including those for Fine Art, Variable Media, and Contemporary Art, have already been vetted and are in-use. For those that are in draft form (Anthropology, Botanical Garden, Herbaria, Local History and Material Culture, and Performance), we are seeking feedback in order to refine them and make them the most useful starting point for new implementers.

Domain Extension Sets and Community of Practice Profiles


Variable Media Extension Set


Anthropology Extension Set and Profile (

Botanical Garden Extension Set and Profile (

Fine and Contemporary Art Profile (

Herbaria Extension Set and Profile (

Local History and Material Culture Extension Set and Profile (

Material Extension Set and Profile (

Performance Extension Set and Profile - DRAFT

Public Art Extension Set and Profile - DRAFT

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